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Create an ERC20 token, smart contract and social network on  blockchain in your personal account

Follow step-by-step instructions to design your project, to create a business plan and then present it to investment funds, to list your token on the cryptoexchange using the tools of our platform.

Create your token ERC20 - 99$

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Platform features

Platform description

SmartStarter is a platform that allows you to create a digital units, smart contracts ICO and other blockchain applications having no special knowledge in programming.


Fill in all the fields and click "Create token". It's simple! Your token is created!

The new token will be supported by the most of the crypto-resources and crypto-exchanges. We've already formed a list of task in your personal account needed to be sure that investment attractiveness of your project would increase by performing it!


A simple step-by-step constuctor of blockchain applications and solutions. Makes it easy to create the token, the blockchain network and smart contract ICO


Automatically list your digital assets on a decentralized exchange.


The platform guides your project from start to successful completion. Now you will always see the next step to success!

ICO personal account

Simple and clear personal account for you, your partners, investors and clients.

Online support

If there are difficulties you can always ask a question to a specialist by phone, messenger or mail.

Advertising in the media

Semi-automatic creation and publishing of articles about your project on specialized websites.

Services and prices

Creation of a complex technical projects become more accessible now! You can create a blockchain solution using the web interface even without a special knowledge!


Create token ERC20 and a wallet


Create a secure smart ICO contract + investor's personal account

8 000$

Create a social network on the blockchain

from 400$


from 800$


from 200$

Specific development of your unique project

The developers of the platform

The company "Analytics insight" is specializing on complex IT development, data analysis, creating models and designing projects based on distributed registries with establising them into business processes.

List of founders of the company include South Ural state University (national research University) and doctor of technical Mokeev Vladimir Viktorovich.

Since 2005, the company has been developing complex IT solutions and machine learning models.

2008-2009 Project № 08-02-85209a /U "Multivariate analysis and forecasting of economic processes: principal component method and neural networks" was supported by Foundation for Humanitarian research And the Governor of Chelyabinsk region.

2014-2015 Project № 14-01-00054 "Modeling and forecasting of socio-economic systems using the eigenstates method" was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

2016  Golden medal - BNP Paribas Cardif Claims Management, silver medal - Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification, two bronze medals - Telstra Network Disruptions.

Since 2016, we have been actively working with distributed registry systems, developing smart contracts, industrial blockchain networks and other decentralized applications.

Based on a significant scientific base and experience, our company is able to solve even the most difficult task.

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1st place in the hackathon "The Blockchain Is the New Oil of Russia" - the project noted by the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin

"Analytics insight" main team

Hackathon "My country and blockchain" where "Analytics insight" company was invited as an experts.

Do you like the idea of elections on a blockchain?  Send your answers to our email:

Roman Moiseev


Entrepreneur (founded three IT companies), crypto-enthusiast, experienced crypto-investor (since 2012), founder of the FastICO project, co-founder of the BMChain project, founder and Director of the blockchain Studio "Analytics insight". A member of the expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies of Crimea

Andrei Nefedov

managing Director

A Graduate Of South Ural State Medical University.  Entrepreneur. The owner of the medical clinic. Investor. Specializes in the construction and optimization of business processes of companies.

Andrei Mokeev


Blockchain developer and multiple jury member of blockchain hackathons.

He graduated from South Ural University with a degree in "Informatic-Manager“, then for 7 years was teaching technical disciplines at the Department of ”Information systems" of South Ural University.

Irina Nikitina


Graduated from the international University of Nature Society and Human "Dubna". Experience: for 4 years she was the best Manager of the company Biglion, Head of sales of Domestic tourism and Regional sales Director of the company Biglion. SelfMama.

Dmitrii Kulikov


Developer of smart contracts and consultant on legal aspects of blockchain projects.

He graduated from South Ural University with a degree in Applied Informatics in law.

Kirill Bedin


System architect, blockchain developer.

He graduated from the South Ural professional Institute with a degree in "Software Engineer".

Our cases

We work with Russian and foreign clients

AK Bars Bank

Prototype of a distributed CPA system with guaranteed payments for the implementation of Bank digital products

Media about the partnership


Project based on blockchain technology for monitoring and accounting of forest areas

Media about the partnership


Development of European roulette on Ethereum blockchain smart contracts.

Media about the partnership

Internal project - online constructor of decentralized applications and blockchain solutions.

Business Molodost

BMCHAIN.IO - blockchain-based multifunctional platform for entrepreneurs.

Media about the partnership

Sun Planet

ORGANICUS.ME - sprout salads project on blockchain.

Media about the partnership

What is blockchain and what is it for?

Blockchain is a decentralized database that allows you to automate business processes, improve control and quality of the company's work, due to the possibility of issuing digital units, and also it is a good tool for attracting investments.

In the blockchain, you can create a digital unit and give it different properties: money, shares, bonds, accounting units, cryptocurrencies.

What is token?

A token is a digital unit (program) in the blockchain that is capable of performing a number of tasks.

What a token can be:

  • Accounting unit
  • Mean of exchange (currency)
  • Bonus point
  • Share
  • Bond

Token is a flexible tool, it can combine several functions. As an example: a token can be both a bonus point and a mean of exchange, etc., depending on the needs of the Issuer.

For Startups

Issue your token and attract investments from around the world. Use the blockchain to make business processes more transparent for the investor.

For regular companies

Creating a liquid bonus point of the company will stimulate the audience, motivate them for purchases and actions.

For companies

It is convenient to manage branches of the company using your own blockchain making it impossible to the data will be changed retroactively.

For online stores

Using a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies allows you to simplify the sale of goods in the Internet by 20% and make the sale of goods available to each user.

For franchise owner 

Own blockchain allows you to control the work of franchisees from anywhere in the world. Excludes the changes to the data in hindsight.

"Blockchain technology is like the Internet in the 90s, few people understood why it was needed, first there were data transfer protocols. Ten years later almost every company had its own website and fifteen years later each user has its own page in the social network."

Roman Moiseev

CEO "Analytics Insight" 

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